4 Steps to Trade Show SUCCESS



1. Build Your Campaign Around the Event

Start with a clear and focused Foundation:

  • Gear your marketing campaign so that it relates to the theme of the trade show
  • Find a way to attract people to your booth as it relates to your campaign
  • Have a plan of how you will relate and interact with your visitors

Create some Goals:

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition?
  • New Customers?
  • Create a Call-to-Action

All of this needs to be attention-grabbing so that your visitors will remember you.

2. Attire

An easy way to be different and stand out is to simply ditch the business suit!

Where something that relates to your brand or even better relates to your campaign specific to the event!

Be Different

  • Ditch the business suit
  • Wear something that relates to your brand and campaign

3. Cool Flag Item

Pens, keychains, stickers — all that stuff is great. But, let’s not forget about some other swag items as well. You can easily replace a pen for a cell phone cleaning cloth for around the same price. Those low ticket items are a must have for all visitors.

But to create some buzz, let’s put on our creative cap and think about the higher ticket items. Maybe it’s a foam finger, or a animal shaped drawstring backpack — whatever it is make it something that you’ve never seen handed out at an event of this nature.

Being the first – that’s how you want to be remembered.

4. Create a Unique Experience

Have you ever seen a booth that gives out massages? Sure, it has been done before – but it’s not that common and is sure to not only attract foot traffic, but retain your visitors as well.

Talk about adding value — when’s the last time you went to a trade show and didn’t have a foot cramp or some other body ache?!

Photo booths are always fun too.

Bottom Line…

Demonstrate to your visitors why they need your product or service. Empower your visitors. Put your company in people’s minds and give them a reason to keep it there.

Ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered?”

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