Value Business Products has been part of our local community for over 30 years. The way that companies do business has changed a lot over those years, but one thing hasn’t changed: the need for partners that understand your vision and can help you get there.

ValueBP has learned that it isn’t enough to just provide great products for our customers. We believe that we have a responsibility to help our customers fine-tune their processes so that they can reach higher levels of efficiency and cost savings.

That’s why ValueBP has developed a unique, three-pillar approach to helping our customers create a culture of productivity by providing:

1. Service Above & Beyond the Norm

Start with focus. You need your employees focused on what matters to your business and nothing else. ValueBP clears away distractions by delivering service above and beyond the norm. We give our customers a “feel good” shopping experience that is fast, easy, and most important, gets them back to their task-at-hand quicker than any other provider.

“I order for 160 employees… So, I need a vendor that’s on the ball or I just can’t function. For me, they couldn’t be any better… Value is fantastic!”
— Sandi, San Jose

2. Watchdog Budgeting

Value becomes the watchdog over your office supply budget.
General operating expenses and labor costs can eat into your profits without you even realizing it. The last thing you need is to have your people searching around for the “best deals” on the internet. You can rely on ValueBP to offer consistent, value pricing on the best quality products.

“Easy monthly billing so I don’t have to worry about paying for each and every item every day. Value has made me look great to the partners at my work by finding hard to locate products and is able to suggest similar items if things have been discontinued.”
— Davone, San Jose

3. Your Office Concierge

Everything you need, when you need it. Your business needs change every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a business supplies partner who can make sure that all of your needs are filled in an efficient and timely manner? All through one flexible source!

Not only does it streamline your processes, but it ultimately lowers your operating costs and saves you time – all reflected in your bottom line!

“Their customer service is beyond comparison; they really do go out of their way for their customers. You never feel like just a number when you call — they will try everything to track down even the hardest products to find to make you happy!”
— Heather, San Jose

ValueBP is committed to personalized service for every one of our customers, from small offices to large corporations to government entities.

Value Business Product is a small, woman-owned business.