Office Products Procurement

1.  Saving YOU Time & Money!



How many times in your office have you said or heard someone say “Annie, we’re out of toner!”  Before long several voices chime in, indicating items that they need (or want).

The truth is most items your company purchases will be, generally speaking, the same items month after month.  But what happens when there is a special request and your Office Manager is tasked with doing research to find items?  Do they…

  • Scour the internet to find that perfect ergonomic mouse?
  • Call a 1-800 # and sit on the phone waiting to speak with a real person?
  • All together lose focus taking time away from being productive?

All too often, we lose sight on controlling costs and we don’t even know it!  Sure the internet is a great tool to find the “Deal of the Day” and save a penny.  However, what we aren’t focusing on is the time that goes into finding the right product and at the right price.

Well, not to worry… ValueBP has an answer for this!


At ValueBP, we ensure your organization is getting everyday Value Pricing with unmatched service your Office Manager can count on!

  • Anytime you have a question about a product, aren’t sure which toner or even ribbon you need – just call us to speak with your Office Concierge.
  • We always encourage our clients to call us first.  Guaranteed to reach us… the first time… No waiting / No hassle.
  • We’re your Office Concierge and we’re here to help… send us an email or give us a call so you can get back to work on what matters to your organization!

Note:  Most organizations concentrate their saving efforts on shopping for a lower price on office supplies. However, the actual money spent on supplies is less than half their total cost to your organization.

2.  Multiple Locations and Multiple Buyers – Not a problem!



Ordering essential supplies to keep your business up and running for an office of over 100 is a enough of a task in itself.  Let alone ordering supplies for many employees at various locations!


Value Business Products works with you on to maximize efficiency of office products procurement.

  • Simplifying the Items Available:  Together with our client we develop a list of most commonly purchased items.  All of these items are put on contract pricing and are available as pre-approved items.

By doing this, we are able to ensure our client receives the very best quality item and price… every day. Additionally, we are able to cut down on the list of 40,000 + sku’s by determining which items are essential to maintaining a culture of productivity for our client.

  • Streamlining Online Ordering Process:  Each location can be set up with as many buyers as desired by the client to have the power to order online.  The only items that appear on their online “shopping list” are based on the pre-approved items list.  As a buyer checks out, the system automatically knows where to deliver the product and whom should receive the final invoice.

Steps to setting up your company…

1      Meet with your Office Concierge

2      Choose your buyers

3      Online Account Set-Up (determine which buyer is coordinated with each delivery location / billing)

4      Make “Shopping List” available

5      All set to go (all your buyer needs to do is login, select items to purchase and place the order!)

 3.  Single Sourcing Solutions



Our client was, at the time, using over 5 vendors for procurement of supplies.  The list of supplies included one or more vendors for each of the following categories:  Office Supplies, Cleaning, Break room, and Technology products like printers, copiers, toners, etc.  At the time, the accounting department for this organization was forced to carry records for each of these vendors.  In addition to making more filing than necessary, the time spent on matching up PO’s to invoices can cost an organization as much as $150 per PO (as demonstrated from a study by Ernst & Young).


ValueBP worked with our client to create a list of items needed for each of these product categories.  After choosing all the items needed, these items were added to the organization’s corporate contract.  For quick and simple ordering, the items were then loaded into a Favorite’s List on the online account and for ease of finding products; items were separated by category.

From then on, the accounting department had one invoice to match up with one PO from one single vendor.

 4.  Transitioning from the Big Box Stores



With the large advertising budget of the Big Box stores it may seem they are the cheapest and easiest source to use for office products procurement.  At times switching your vendors can seem a large task and not worth the risk.


Independent office supply dealers like us are able to keep our costs low and make a seamless transition for you due to:

  • minimal overhead (we do not operate as a typical brick & mortar business)
  • smart marketing not costly marketing (national TV commercials, stadium sponsorships, etc.)
  • office concierge:  real people at your service when you need us the most – at ValueBP; “You’re always a name and never a #.”

But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about transitioning from the Big Box to ValueBP!…

“I’ve been a die-hard Office Depot customer for almost my entire career in Purchasing, Administration, and Office Management. When one of our faculty members at the school where I work suggested I talk to (Value Business Products), whose information he’d received through a mutual contact, I already “knew” that I would politely decline the invitation to switch vendors and do whatever it took to keep the door closed on a possible business relationship with Value BP. However, Sam’s presentation caught me off-guard when it became clear that we’d retain all of the benefits that we currently had with Office Depot (free one-day delivery, online ordering, reporting). Plus, we now have virtually “hand-held” customer service – I get to talk to and e-mail real people who know me personally and have my company’s and my best interest at heart. We were up-and-running and had made the complete transition in less than a week since the first meeting with Sam. Moving to Value BP has not only proven to be a great decision from a business perspective, but also has made purchasing a little more “fun” and satisfying!”

– Erin, Palo Alto


5.  Flexibility of Delivery Options



A quick, easy, and intuitive online shopping experience is important… we get that – our clients enjoy a “Feel Good Shopping” Experience.  However, that’s only half the battle.

Research shows that while 80% of online shoppers are satisfied with the online shopping experience… only 50% of online shoppers are satisfied with their delivery options.(MarketingProfs, 2013)


At Value Business Products, one of the first things we ask our clients is how would you like your products delivered…

  • From working with you where to deliver – whether, its the front desk, shipping/receiving, or even placing paper next to the printer… we’ll do it!
  • ValueBP has our very own driver that makes deliveries — what does that mean to you? Well, we have complete control – its easy to get us on the phone and RE-ROUTE back to you
Contact Us today to find out more about our unique delivery options!
 – Work is Good team