Marketing & Promotional Experience

1.  Resourcefulness for Technology client in Santa Clara, CA



Our client came to us with a very special need.  For years our client has used 2 distinct crystal awards as a Thank You for employees that have served over 5 and 10 years with the company.  Recently, senior management decided they wanted a 15 year award in the shape of a “T”.


If you can close your eyes and imagine a crystal award in the shape of a letter “T” you might see something lop-sided without a base and therefore would not stand nicely in addition to leaving little room on the shaft for imprint.  For this exact reason, crystal “T” awards do not exist.

This project proved to be a challenging request that ValueBP was able to deliver to on to our client.  After showing several options for custom work and other ideas, we eventually chose a design.  We chose to do an “ink fill” in the middle of the award to fulfill the need for the letter “T” to be represented on this award.  The outside structure of the award had a black mold frame to match the current awards for 5 and 10 year service with the company.  Our client now had a full set of matching awards for 5, 10, and 15 year service with the company.

2.  Custom Retail Hats



When our friends on the East Coast came to us with a “Hat Project,” we were thrilled to get the opportunity.  The stand up paddle board company’s in house designer made over 50 designs of hat concepts.  They all looked amazing; however with the amount of detail into each it would be difficult to find just any marketing firm to fulfill the order.  You see, most hat orders are a job of either 5 or 6 panel structure with simple embroidery.  Not this one…


Our client had some very creative hat drawings that looked like retail hats as opposed to basic promotional hats.  Some key details with these hats included patches to be sewn onto the hat itself, additional embroidery on the netting, custom labeling of their logo on the inside tag, amongst other interesting details.

ValueBP worked with our factories to create custom hats.  We started by looking at swatches and creating physical spec samples of the hats.  In the end we were able to produce the hats and save our client over $10 for each hat produced!

3. Meeting Deadlines for Quick Turn Events



When a start up technology company in SF was preparing for the launch of their brand at DEMO (the ultimate event to launch a start up) between all the late nights and early mornings of preparation the company soon discovered they had forgotten to make shirts.


That’s when they found ValueBP to be their promotional consultants.

Our new client had a very detailed (and thus complicated) logo that consisted of gradients and half tones, which meant this project, would require attention to detail from a readily available promotional consultant.

Our client appreciated having someone to talk with and bounce ideas off of.

Ultimately we needed to choose the shirts, approve art, and print all in a few short days. We’re thrilled to say this company launched their brand at DEMO with brand new Eco friendly t-shirts with 7 color artwork!